Energy Challenges

Energy Challenges or Energy Saving Battles are a great way to involve employees, schools, residents and entrepreneurs regarding the energy issue. By increasing awareness of energy consumption, participants will be saving energy.

What’s in it for the participants?

During the Challenge participants will get insights in consumption, learn tips and tricks and together with their team members save energy.

Participants get 7 steps with short assignments, videos and tips to gain insight into major home consumers, cleaning, office, and silent users. They see their own consumption graph and on the team overview they see the savings of themselves, their own team and the other teams.

A game round usually takes 6 weeks; Multiple rounds are often organized in order to reach more people. Organizations can choose to have their own web environment, or use the Wattcher Online environment including their own company logo.

What are the results?

Participants are excited, awareness is increased and savings are greatly: between 10% and 20% on average. There are great dynamics, between home and the office resulting in increased awareness and knowledge about the usage of energy and using it more efficient. It makes it easy to talk about it, start saving or even take measurements, like replacing lights or adjusting the climate system.



Klimaatverbond Energy Battle

  • Battle between cities throughout the Netherlands;
  • organized annually since 2010;
  • total of 54 different municipalities participated;
  • over 2200 household were involved;
  • 15% savings on average on electricity and heating (gas);

Achmea Energy Challenge

  • Organized in 2015;
  • 9 teams with;
  • 88 participants in total;
  • 12% electricity saved on average

Watt bespaart BEC

  • Battle between city officials and inhabitants of the Dutch city Den Bosch;
  • organized in 2011;
  • 125 participants;
  • 16,5% electricity saving on average.

ING Energy Saving Competition

  • Organized in 2012;
  • 10 teams in 5 different countries;
  • 15% electrcity saving on average.

Smart Challenge

  • Organized in 2011;
  • 11 organizations: ABN-AMRO, Accenture, Athlon Car Lease, Eneco, Heineken, City of Amsterdam, Liander, TNO, UPC and Vodafone.
  • 330 participants;
  • 12,5% electricity saving on average.