Druple, shower smart. Clear about water. On average, we shower for 8 minutes at a time and use about 65 liters of water. For a family with two children, this is more than 70,000 liters of hot water per year. With the Druple you choose how much water you want to use each time. By using 20 liters less every shower session, a 4-person household saves about €100 per year on the water and energy bill. It’s that easy.

After the development of the Wattcher, we wondered where in the house there is even more to be gained regarding energy? It appears that showering is responsible for 1/3 of water use and for 1/4 of the heat demand within a household. The idea: Give a feedback in a nice and beautiful way, so that people get insight and can control water usage. The Druple helps to gain insight into the consumption. The user simply sets the desired amount of water. By using more consciously, less heat and water will be used. And how small the contribution may seem, the outcome is positive for a more sustainable planet. Or like an African wisdom says:

‘Every river starts with a drop.’

How it works:

  • Choose: how much water you want to use
  • Rotate: Set the number of liters
  • Shower: enjoy the water!
  • Ready: The water flow becomes less when the set number of liters has been used. Shower longer? Turn the Druple.


Easy to install

  1. Remove the shower hose from the tap.
  2. Turn the Druple to the tap, with the Druple logo forward.
  3. Turn the shower hose to the Druple.

The Druple works on hydropower, no batteries required.

Where to buy:

At the moment, the Druple is in the final stages of development. As soon as these are completed, the Druple will be marketed.

Feel free to contact us for more information.