About us

Our mission: contribute to a sustainable planet. The earth is a great miracle, that we should treat with care; It’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

We believe that an important step towards a sustainable planet, is making sustainability visible and tangible. Seeing is doing. This creates space for behavioral change and sustainable technology.

We see a world in which humans live more consciously, both individually and in groups, sunny and open to the immediate environment.

Solutions arise from interesting research areas; Biomimicry, cradle to cradle, ecodesign, circular economy and are smart and efficient, progressive and sustainable, with a user-friendly interface.



Arno van Wayenburg

Entrepreneur, project manager and advisor for sustainable change and innovation. Co-founder of Innovaders. Technical background with industrial design specialization (Technical University Delft). He is intrinsically motivated to contribute to a more sustainable planet and often does it with projects in which both technology and human activity are important: “We are in the middle of a sustainable transition. An exciting time. This change requires vision, creativity and courage. I like to turn dreams into concrete projects and realize them. Get the hands dirty!”

Arno is happy outdoors. Walking, cycling holidays, floating on the water and experimenting in a permaculture garden.


Gernout Erens

Gernout has a background in logistics and mechanical engineering (Technical University  Delft). Co-founder of Innovaders. Likes to approach matters starting with the  end result in mind. Creator and inventor of products.

Gernout is an involved member at the hockey club in Weesp. In his spare time, he likes to go out with his family or crafts in and around the house, making objects, cabinets or underground bicycle shelters.

Projects and clients:

  • Afval Energie Bedrijf: logistic savings & waste reduction
  • Ballast Nedam logistic- & energy saving
  • Cyclus logistic savings & product innovations
  • DAR waste seperation & product innovations
  • ECN new business development
  • Eneco innovation management & product development
  • City of Amsterdam vision & product development
  • Port Authority Amsterdam sustainable energy
  • Hema waste reductions
  • Itho development product & service combination
  • KLM logistic- & energy saving
  • Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam sustainable business management
  • La Belle Beninoise sustainable chain development
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs sustainable business management
  • SME Energy Center energy saving & behavior change
  • Nike waste reduction & behavior change
  • Dutch Railways (NS) waste reduction
  • Oxxio energy saving & behavior change
  • Twinroof energy & product innovation
  • Tech University Delft education sustainable innovation
  • Design Academy Eindhoven education sustainable innovation
  • Unipol energy & product innovation
  • Vitens (water company) product development & partnership Druple
  • Waddenzuivel package & recyclesystem
  • World Bank (Iran) logistics saving & waste reduction